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MELAMINE (uniboard, flakeboard, stevens wood)

Discover the widest variety of designs and textures for all your projects with Melamina, uniboard, flakeboard or stevens wood, coated with one or two sides with decorative films of exclusive designs and with antimicrobial protection, which Decreases the presence of bacteria and mold in 99.9%. Renew your environments with the best variety of our designs.


This synthetic material is distinguished by its finish without any roughness or trace of cut. It is especially suited to "trendy" and futuristic kitchens and bathrooms, but it can also look like wood for a convivial atmosphere. Depending on the desired effect, it can be combined with various types of countertops. Its great advantage lies in the possibility of obtaining the colors of pure kitchen cabinets for a sharp and biting effect that fits perfectly with granite, quartz or Corian countertops. Available in a textured, glossy or satin finish, thermoplastic cabinets come in a variety of colors. Looking for thermoplastic cabinets? We have a wide selection of patterns and colors to accomplish all your projects


As a wood-based panel, MDF invests increasingly in our habitat. Its good mechanical properties, ease of machining and its ability to receive numerous finishes make it an easy-to-use and widely used material.
Why use MDF?
  • A recent industrial material, MDF has many advantages. It's a sign
  • Homogeneous in the three dimensions, Aesthetic due to its fine texture,
  • More economical than solid wood,/li>
  • Available everywhere in different thicknesses,
  • · Which allows the use of first thinning wood (small diameter trees, which cannot be recovered in solid wood).


Maple wood:

It is a matt white wood. it's also hard and medium heavy wood so perfectly adapted for daily use. Thin wafer, fine grains and homogeneous, the maple is particularly sensitive to the contrasts of temperature, it is therefore recommended not to install a source of heat in the vicinity. Its mechanical characteristics are similar to those of oak but the maple allows a better finish.
  • Uses in the house:
  • Interior joinery. Floor coverings. Plating of furniture.


Birch wood never goes out of style. What is for many a functional wood can dress much the rooms and give a touch of clarity or luminosity to the piece. These attractions, together with their low cost, make birch wood one of the most used woods in the manufacture of furniture. Now one of the most appreciated woods in different movements of decoration and furniture like the English Liberty style. Birch, also known as white birch, is a deciduous tree native to the temperate and cold forests of the European and Asian continents. While birch can easily withstand long, cold winters, it is a tree very vulnerable to prolonged droughts.


Oak wood is perhaps, next to the pine, the most popular. It is for its excellent relation between quality, appearance, resistance, and ease to work. It is one of the favorite options for carpenters as well as consumers. From an aesthetic point of view, it is for many the reference wood. It is impossible to find in a catalog of any manufacturer of floors or boards various types of oak: aged, white, natural, dark ... These designs are always found among the best sellers/manufacturers like KD Kitchen Cabinet. Without a doubt, this is one of the most versatile woods that exists.